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How to use coffee maker

How to use coffee maker

Nowadays, it’s very difficult to find people who don’t like coffee. The number of coffee drinkers is uncountable. In times of fatigue, a cup of coffee can refresh you. Mental and physical well-being is largely dependent on coffee. It will be very helpful if you get coffee at your own house and at the time you need it. So it’s very important to know how to use a coffee maker.

Through this article, you can learn easily the process of coffee making. It must be helpful for starters. Many people can use it but newcomers can’t do this. So, we are here, trying to teach you the best process of operating a coffee maker and getting a cup of coffee while required. We should not miss the opportunity of everyday freshness. Let’s start:


  1. The coffee maker of any brand
  2. 5 teaspoons medium-sized coffee grain or 1 and ½ teaspoon powder coffee
  3. 300 ml water for 1 cup

Now stepwise follow these instructions

Firstly, engage a coffee filter: To make coffee, you need a suitable coffee machine. Whatever it will be any kind of or various brands. You will choose what you like. Now you add the filter in the filter basket. You can use a compatible strainer. Though every coffee maker has a worthy filter.

Secondly, add enough coffee grain: Different coffee brands have different coffee proportions. Taste variation also changes the measuring of coffee, which relies on the selection of the type of coffee. Again many have measuring ratios. However, add coffee grounds of 5 teaspoons or 1 and ½ teaspoon coffee powder for better results.

Thirdly, add sufficient water: According to the recipe, you need 300 ml water. It’s a requirement for one cup. If you hope for one cup more then increase water in the opinion of proportion. I give you ideas on how to make one cup of coffee. From here you can prepare more cups of coffee.

Fourthly, connect electricity to the coffee maker: To turn to brew on, plug in the coffee machine. Turn on the switch also. What if you haven’t switched on but are waiting for a cup of refreshing coffee. Isn’t that funny? Your answer must be yes. So you must turn on the switch for brewing coffee.

Fifthly, stand by to thoroughly brew: Automatically brew the coffee. Many brands have an auto-pushing arrangement. When this disposition does not exist, you need to turn off the machine. However, for every 8-ounce serving, a fundamental recommendation is to use 2 tablespoon coffee grains. 

Finally, serve and enjoy: After brewing the coffee is ready to take. It will feel like magic to you now. Doesn’t the task seem too easy? I know your answer will be yes. Another thing is to throw away the paper filter. And remove the coffee beans, in case you apply a mash filter. Take pleasure in this amazing coffee. It’s actually energizing. Its taste and flavor will fascinate you.

How to add milk to coffee

This stage of coffee preparation can answer your question about how to make coffee with milk. Some people like black coffee and some are milk coffee. It varies from man to man. It is helpful for milk coffee lovers. After pouring coffee from the coffee maker, add boiled milk to it. There is no exact measurement to add coffee.

Pour in as much milk as you like. Until the desired creaminess comes. Keep in mind that the boiled milk is thickened. If the milk is not thick, it will not taste good. Make sure the milk is cooked. One more thing is that you can use powdered milk. For one cup of coffee, you can apply 3 tablespoons of milk powder. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar. But you can avoid sugar if you don’t want it. It depends on your flavor and taste. Increase the measure while you want and enjoy a creamy milk coffee

Some important tips

  1. The actual temperature must be monitored. 195-200 F (91-96 C) for brewing procedure.
  2. For milk coffee, milk should be boiled.
  3. Make sure the switch of the coffee machine is off in cleaning time.
  4. Those who love coffee will definitely not drink a cup of coffee. They can make more than one cup and put the coffee in the hot pot.
  5. It is necessary to clean the coffee maker once a month and after each use.

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