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how to clean coffee maker

How to clean a coffee maker

As a big coffee lover, the flavor and the taste of coffee are very important to me.  Coffee is a refreshing name! Hearing this name filled the mind with freshness. There are several ways to get a refreshing coffee. The condition of perfect coffee is a clean coffee machine. But, it is very important to know, how to clean a coffee maker. Many of us do not know the easy ways to clean a coffee maker. Now we are going to discuss about how to clean a coffee maker.

I like creamy milk coffee. There are many people like me who do not love the strong flavor of it. The cleaning process is just as necessary as the art of making it. The taste of it largely depends on the well-washed coffee maker. Unless not cleaned properly, it will affect the taste of your coffee. And the remnants of the former will be stuck when making coffee again. So cleaning the coffee machine is very important.  But do you know how to clean a coffee maker in a very short time? Now I will tell you how to clean a coffee maker in detail. You will find it much easier when I say the rules.

What you will need

  1. Lukewarm and cold  water 
  2. White vinegar 
  3. Scrubber 
  4. Soap or dishwashing liquid
  5. Tidy dish towel or normal soft cloth

How to clean coffee maker with vinegar

The taste of coffee was enjoyed. Now it is time to clean up. It is most important to clean the coffee filter after preparing coffee.

  1. When you use a paper filter, discard it into the recycle bin. Detach the coffee grounds, when using a mesh filter. Swiftly wash off the filter with warm water.
  2. Make a mixture of one teaspoon of vinegar and two teaspoons of water. Brew the carafe with one-third vinegar. Stop in the half-cycle.
  3. The automatic cleaning cycle comes into existence in the pot. Rest it for 30 minutes.  Brew the carafe of the coffee machine again. Finish the cleaning cycle.
  4. Now pour the liquid into your sink. Wash well with soap and light hot water. Rub around with a scrub. Rinse until the soap foam is gone.
  5. Pour the water into the carafe. Plugin and brew. This will remove the scent of vinegar. Mob the outside of the machine with a tidy cloth. Swab the coffee pot with a dry cloth so as not to stain.
  6. Set all the parts off the coffee maker carefully. If not it may break out. Take the machine in its padded bag or carton.

How to clean coffee maker with soap

  1. First, put the paper filter in the garbage basket. When using a mash filter, pour the coffee ground into the bin. Now your filter is ready to wash.
  2. Soak the filter with water. Absorb the scrubber in lukewarm water. Rub the scrubber with soap and rub the filter with it.
  3. Then rinse the filter with normal water. Place the filter in a dry place. This will cause water to fall. 
  4. Now it’s time to clean the carafe. Take light hot water in it. Rub the carafe with the scrubber rubbed with the soap. You can use dishwashing liquid or soapy water instead of soap. 
  5. Once the carafe is rubbed, pour cold water over it. Rinse several times with cold water. Then leave it to drain. 
  6. Wipe the body of the machine with a dry towel. Swab the washed carafe and filter one by one. Now it is clean and ready for later use. Put the coffee maker in its packet.

Tips and tricks

  1.  Try to use white vinegar. Its result is better than others. So, you can use other types of vinegar if you can’t afford it. Apple cider, balsamic, red wine, etc. use them as your 2nd choice. Sometimes these can make the coffee maker dirty. In fact, it is better to avoid it and use white vinegar to clean the coffee machine.
  2.  To clean your carafe, try running a little rice in it with some warm sassy water, for a nice clean flash.
  3.  Be sure to clean the machine after each use and every month.

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